Crystal Reports Professional Results

Crystal Reports Professional Results
Chapter 1
Report Formatting and Appearance
  • Create a watermark
  • Change graphics based on a condition
  • Use WingDings and other symbol fonts
  • Print bar codes
  • Eliminate blank address lines
  • Print “continued on next page” and “continued from previous page” messages
  • Shade every other report line
  • Choose from thousands of colors
Chapter 2
Database Interaction
  • See what Crystal Reports sends to the database
  • Add more than one database type to a report
  • Use indexed fields for faster performance
  • Link your database table to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Change a report from a test to a production database
  • Troubleshoot database performance problems
Chapter 3
  • Replace If-Then-Else logic with easier-to-understand Select Case
  • Automatically complete parts of your formula
  • Find the offending part of a runtime formula error
  • Share formulas with others in your company
  • Understand those unclear formula error messages
  • Test for numbers before performing numeric calculations
  • Convert a string or numeric field to a date
  • Count the number of seconds or hours between two dates/times
  • Count the number of days, weeks, or months between two dates
  • Base a formula on a parameter field
Chapter 4
Charts and Graphs
  • Make cool 3-D charts
  • Color or shade the background of a chart
  • Replace bars or wedges with pictures
  • Drill down on group charts
  • Add a trend line to a chart
  • Move the chart legend
  • Have a chart appear alongside data in the report, instead of on top or bottom of it
  • Graduate the color of chart bars or pie wedges
  • Set chart colors based on some data condition
Chapter 5
Record Selection
  • Improve report performance by using only the Select Expert
  • See how your record selection is translated into SQL
  • Speed up the report by using a SQL Expression in record selection
  • Show your record selection on the report
  • Make creative use of Like and wildcards
  • Use pound signs for easy date selection
  • Automate sales and accounting reports with InThePeriod
Chapter 6
Web Reporting
  • Create simple web reports with File|Export
  • Hyperlink to other web pages or e-mail addresses
  • Add tooltips that show up when you point the mouse to an object
  • Pass a value from a formula or database field to another ASP page
  • Show just a chart or cross-tab in a web portal page
  • Write a small ASP to download a report in Excel, Word, PDF, or RTF format
  • Create a “quick and simple” web reporting system with Crystal Reports 9 RAS
Chapter 7
Parameter Fields
  • Show all multi-value values on the report
  • Choose from descriptions instead of codes
  • Control what can be typed in a parameter
  • Create an “all or specific item” parameter
  • Base the N in Top N on a parameter
  • Database-filled “on-the-fly” web parameters
  • Use a parameter for conditional formatting
Chapter 8
Sorting and Grouping
  • Sorting/grouping based on a parameter field
  • Limit to certain groups with Group Selection
  • Sort groups by an alternate field
  • Correct Top N/Group Selection grand totals
  • Copy totals/summaries with the control key
  • Retrieve only group totals from the database
  • Customize the group name field
  • Show only the best or worst groups
Chapter 9
  • Hide the border around a subreport
  • “No records” message with an empty subreport
  • Pass data from subreport to main report
  • Pass data from main report to subreport
  • Avoid subreports with a “Not Equal” join
  • Place a subreport alongside main report data
  • Better reports with on-demand subreports
Chapter 10
  • Add a legend to a cross-tab
  • Conditionally format cells
  • Automatically object placement
  • Change the type of cross-tab summary
  • Avoid label truncation
  • Cross-tabs with formulas and parameters
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