Crystal Reports: The Complete Reference Series

Crystal Reports XI: The Complete Reference
Formula Language Reference, Page 875
The Interval Types table at the bottom of the page incorrectly lists "m" as the minute interval type. This should be a lower-case "n".
Formula Language Reference, Page 938
Date/Time Formatting Strings Table Format strings are case-sensitive. As such, the Dd, Ddd, Dddd, Yy, Yyyy, Hh, Mm, Ss, and Tt strings are all incorrect (they were mistakenly capitalized by the original word processor). All these formatting strings should consist entirely of lower-case letters.
Chapter 5
Using Formulas, Page 115
Second example formula at top of page This formula contains a syntax error. The very last expression (using the Left function) contains an improperly-placed curly brace. It should appear immediately after the EMP.HIRE_DATE field, instead of ater the number 4.
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